GPEx and have joined forces to usher in a new era of healthcare innovation by collaborating on clinical trials within primary care settings. This groundbreaking agreement will see GPEx partnering with Summit Health and utilising the Summit Health Centre in Mount Barker SA as the primary site for managing clinical trials.

The Summit Health Centre, renowned for its comprehensive range of healthcare services including general practice, allied health, nursing, pathology, radiology, and pharmacy, provides an ideal environment for conducting clinical trials. Its multifaceted setup fosters collaboration among diverse medical professionals, offering trial participants the convenience of centralised and easily accessible healthcare services throughout the trial.

For general practitioners, this collaboration presents a unique opportunity to actively participate in innovative healthcare initiatives that sustain and complement their practice. By integrating clinical trials seamlessly into primary care settings, GPEx and Summit Health are not only advancing medical research but also enhancing patient care by providing access to cutting-edge healthcare options.

Dr. Jeremy Wells, a General Practitioner at Summit Health’s GPcare General Practice, shared his perspective on the collaboration:

“As a practicing GP, I am excited about the opportunity to be directly involved in clinical trials through this collaboration between GPEx and Summit Health.

“Being able to offer my patients access to ground-breaking healthcare options while contributing to medical research is professionally rewarding whilst offering my patients greater treatment options.”

GPEx, with its extensive legacy in delivering General Practice training in South Australia, brings to the table unparalleled expertise in the primary care sector. With a highly specialised team and rigorous systems in place, GPEx is committed to generating high-quality clinical trial data that can drive meaningful advancements in patient care.

Sally Jones, CEO of GPEx, expressed her enthusiasm about the partnership:

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Summit Health as our inaugural clinical trials site. Their state-of-the-art facility, expert management, and comprehensive healthcare offerings create an ideal environment for conducting clinical trials effectively”.

In support of this collaboration, Summit Health reinforced the importance of GPEx’s evolution into a clinical trials site management organisation and its strong background in primary care.

GPEx is well positioned to continue South Australia’s growth trajectory as an attractive destination for clinical trials. The organisation’s evolution into a clinical trials site management organisation represents a natural transition that allows it to share its knowledge, diverse skills, experience and reach in primary care.

Australia is a popular choice for clinical trials due to our streamlined approval process, globally recognised regulatory system, multicultural population, and grants and incentives that reduce clinical trial costs.

South Australia’s involvement in clinical trials has been growing steadily, with the State now holding a 15 per cent market share of a $1.4 billion industry.

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