Clinical Trials Site Management

Unlocking primary care for clinical trial success

GPEx is the most exciting new entrant to Australia’s clinical trials site management landscape, revolutionising clinical research and medication development in primary care.

We bring together unparallelled sector knowledge and reach, rigorous systems and processes, a highly specialised team and a wealth of experience in GP education to ensure that your next clinical trial in primary care is a resounding success.

The GPEx Clinical Trials EcoSystem

Why GPEx Clinical Trials?

Efficient patient recruitment +
Effective trial operations
= High quality data

Our key point of difference is our ability to integrate seamlessly with primary care, tapping into an extensive network of 20,000 GPs with access to a ready pool of potential trial participants. Add to this our wealth of experience in educating GPs and your trial will benefit from skilled and engaged trial investigators who actively facilitate patient recruitment.

Underpinning this unique GPEx ecosystem are our experienced clinical trials team, robust systems and processes, state-of-the-art technology and a comprehensive healthcare setting with on-site specialist services.

The result? Efficient patient recruitment, effective trial operations and the generation of high-quality data you can rely on.

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The GPEx difference

Focus on your core business and let GPEx take care of your clinical trial

Efficient recruitment via our GP network
Targeted education for improved engagement
Centralised, decentralised, hybrid and teletrial capabilities
Robust systems and processes
Paperless trials and remote trial management