VCS Pathology Cervical Screening Audit


CPD Accredited
  • EA 2
  • MO 15
  • RP 6

For VCS Pathology referring practitioners to comparatively review their own practice findings to target areas for improvement CPD accredited with RACGP

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Enhance practice and engagement
Target areas for improvement
Implement quality mechanisms
15 Measuring Outcomes CPD hours

About this Program

This program has been developed by VCS Pathology, a division of the Australian Centre for the Prevention of Cervical Cancer (ACPCC), to encourage meaningful change in cervical screening practice and engagement. It is available to practitioners across Australia who refer Cervical Screening Tests and co-tests to the VCS Pathology laboratory.

The aim of this program is to enable VCS Pathology referring practitioners to participate in a comparative review of their own practice findings to target areas for improvement.

The program is structured around participants reflecting on two data reports from VCS Pathology, summarising the performance of their cervical screening and co-test samples across two consecutive 6 month data collection periods. Data collection periods run from April to September, and October to March.

To be eligible, participants must:

  • Register their participation before the end of their first data collection period.
  • Be a VCS Pathology referring practitioner for 2 consecutive data collection periods and at least 3 months of each data collection period.
  • Submit at least 6 samples to VCS Pathology in each data collection period.

The timeframe for completion is 10 to 17 months depending on when you register to participate in the audit and when you started submitting samples to VCS Pathology.

Complimentary access to the ‘Cervical Screening, HPV and Self-Collection: Clinical Education Course’ is also included with this program.

CPD Accreditation

This course is CPD accredited for the 2023-2025 triennium with the following organisations: 

Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP)

  • Measuring Outcomes: 15 hours
  • You are required to submit at least 6 cervical samples per reporting period in order to be eligible to participate in this audit activity, and you will be accredited with CPD hours on this basis. However, if you see additional patients for cervical screening tests or co-tests, you can self-log these additional hours provided you maintain a logbook for your records and retain this for three years.
  • Reviewing Performance: 6 hours
  • Educational Activities: 2 hours

Program Content

Learning Outcomes

This module will assist you to achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • Evaluate how your cervical screening test and co-test samples perform compared to your peers.
  • Implement quality improvements to improve sample performance and follow up of results.
  • Identify how patient demographics contribute to screening participation and outcome.
  • Identify measures to increase engagement with the National Cervical Screening Program, especially in under- and never-screened populations.
Course Content
  • Registration Form
  • How It Works: Audit Flowchart
  • Overview of the Cervical Screening Audit Data Report
  • First Audit Report Reflection Activity
  • Second Audit Report Reflection Activity
  • Audit Activity Evaluation
  • Additional Education and Resources

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